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Restricted Items for shipment

As per the restrictions imposed by the state and/or Bureau Civil Aviation Security there are certain items which are banned and we do not accept those for shipment.
In addition, those shipments or packages will not be accepted which requires the carrier to obtain a license for its transportation. Any item whose carriage is restricted by statute or law as regulations of the transit or destination country will be wholly on the risk the consignor himself.

  • Gases (flammable, non-flammable, toxic, non-toxic).
  • Bullion
  • Pornography
  • Philately items
  • Fire arms, parts thereof and ammonisation
  • Money (In any form i.e coins, cash currency, negotiable instruments etc.)
  • Cremated or disinterred remains, corpses
  • Drugs & Narcotics (strictly illegal)
  • Radioactive Material
  • Perishable items
  • Dry ice
  • Shipments having drawback claims or requiring claims by law to be fulfilled via transit (will be on the sole risk of the consignor)
  • Live animals and plants
  • Precious and semi-precious items
  • Liquids and semi-liquids
  • Gambling instruments as may be specified by law
  • Commodities banned by law at any given time and without prior notice
  • All Dangerous goods & restricted items as defined by IATA 
                Contact Baral Logistics for further details.
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